Fresh Red Grouper Whole (1 - 1.2kg per fish)

This product is sold by weight at S$55.00 per fish of 1 – 1.2kg

*All fresh products must be pre-ordered at least 1 day in advance.



  • Red Grouper / 红石斑鱼 also known as Spotted Coral Grouper / Coral Trout.
  • The Teochew and Hokkiens call this fish “Ang Gau”.
  • You are bound to see this fish swimming in the tanks of live seafood restaurants.
  • Its tender yet bouncy texture flakes nicely making it perfect for fish head steamboat / 鱼头卢.
  • To enjoy its delicate texture of this fish, we recommend that you steam it.
  • Size: 1 – 1.2kg (重量: 1000 – 1200 克)
  • Country of Origin: Indonesia (产品原产国: 印度尼西亚)

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Weight 7 kg


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